Borderlands 3 Will Get Cross-Play Support, But Not on PlayStation Consoles

Borderlands 3 is indeed getting cross-play, but the feature won’t be fully supported across all [...]

Borderlands 3 is indeed getting cross-play, but the feature won't be fully supported across all platforms, at least not according to the latest update on the game. Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox, tweeted about the Borderlands 3 cross-play situation on Thursday to say that there was some good news and bad news for players. The good news was that cross-play was still happening while the bad news is that Gearbox was required to remove support for cross-play on the PlayStation consoles.

Pitchford worded his message to say Gearbox had been "required by the publisher to remove crossplay support for PlayStation consoles." By saying that, the publisher Pitchford referred to would therefore be 2K Games. However, things like this involving cross-play where platforms mix with one another often have plenty of parties involved, so it's unclear exactly what the reasoning is for why cross-play support wasn't extended to the PlayStation consoles. One would assume the matter dealt with something between Sony and 2K Games regarding how cross-play support would work on the PlayStation consoles, but Pitchford didn't elaborate on the situation after his tweet nor did he reply to those looking for more information on the matter, so the tweet below is all we know about the situation right now.

While that's unfortunate for PlayStation owners and anyone who has Borderlands 3 and was hoping to play with friends on PlayStation, it doesn't mean that the situation is a permanent one. Of the big players involved with cross-play, Sony has historically been the stubborn party with cross-play making its way to PlayStation titles slower than it worked its way through other games on the Xbox and Nintendo platforms. We've seen in the past games that got cross-play on PlayStations after it was first said that the feature wouldn't be supported there or that it was at least up in the air, so there's still a chance that cross-play could be enabled on PlayStation systems in the future.

A release date for Borderlands 3's cross-play update hasn't been announced, but it's apparently prepped and ready to go.