Borderlands 3 Hotfix Buffs Drop Rates During Loot Event

Borderlands 3 is in the middle of a loot event right now called Farming Frenzy that's supposed to increase the drop rates for the game's bosses. The update that kicked off the event went live this week, but players found that some of the game's enemies weren't dropping as much extra loot as expected. Gearbox Software has since responded to this feedback and improved loot drops from different bosses for the remaining duration of the event.

The Farming Frenzy event itself began on January 16th while the hotfix that buffed the drop rates was released a day later. Gearbox took to Twitter to announced the update's release and detail everything that was changing.

Ten different bosses had their dedicated loot drops improved, each of those seen below.

Along with these bosses listed above, others also have increased chances of dropping Legendary loot and coveted gear.

"For the next two weeks, you'll have extra incentive to farm enemies with dedicated loot drops," Gearbox said in its post about the Farming Frenzy event. "That includes repeatable bosses from the main story campaign, Proving Grounds and Circle of Slaughter arenas, and the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, as well as named enemies including Rare Spawns, Hammerlock Hunts, and Targets of Opportunity. All these distinct, deadly baddies will be more likely to drop Legendary items from their respective loot pools—and as an added bonus, the Anointment rate for dropped gear has also been temporarily increased!"


This farming event is also going on at the same time as the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite event, so players can knock out both at once to take on a new challenge while getting better loot. This Maliwan event has been in the works for a while and is updated from the last version so that it scales the difficulty of the battles based on how many players are in your party. It was originally supposed to come out at the start of the year but was pushed back to this week due to technical difficulties.

Both the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite event and the Farming Frenzy mini-event are live now until January 30th.