Borderlands 3 Update Adjusts 2 Vault Hunters' Skills

Another update has been released for Borderlands 3 to continue tuning the skills of two of the game's Vault Hunters. FL4K and Moze are the two targets of this update with some of the game's bosses were nerfed to make the fights easier on players. FL4K players will find that one of his underused Action Skills will perform a bit better now while Moze players won't have one option for making an overpowered build.

FL4K's got several beasts at their disposal with Action Skills to augment their abilities, but one of the skills that doesn't get used nearly as much is Rakk Attack! The skill calls down Rakks from above to divebomb enemies, but when you can instead send your pets through portals and pull off other tricks, it's a harder sell to use that skill over others.

Moze's adjustments weren't for her Action Skills but were instead for just one minor skill called "Means of Destruction." It's got a delay on it now to prevent people from having unlimited grenades.

The full patch notes for the two Vault Hunters can be found below:


  • Rakk Attack! status effect chance as been increased to 100%.
  • Leave No Trace now has a re-trigger delay of 2 seconds
  • Barbaric Yawp stat bonus increased by 100%
  • Pets no longer push around player characters
  • "Touch Pet" prompt is now a lower priority and should no longer interfere with looting or vending machines


  • Means of Destruction now has a re-trigger delay of 2 seconds

As for the bosses that were adjusted, players will find that Gigamind, Katagawa Ball, and Billy the Anointed are now all easier to fight. Gearbox has toned down their defenses in multiple ways whether it was through nerfing their shields or health.

"These three boss fights had concerns with their health and shields that made their combat loops more difficult than we intended," the patch notes said. "Gigamind had a little too much health, so that was reduced slightly. Katagawa Ball will no longer regenerate its shields; we found that while players contended with the adds during the fight, it would unfairly regenerate its shield, negating the players' progress. Finally, Billy had 25% of his health removed; we agree that this fight often dragged on needlessly. We will be monitoring each of these bosses and may make further adjustments in the future."

Gearbox's Borderlands 3 update should be fully released on all platforms within the day.