Borderlands 3 Update Nerfs Legendary Weapons

Another update is now out for Borderlands 3, and if you’ve got a favorite Legendary gun in the [...]

Another update is now out for Borderlands 3, and if you've got a favorite Legendary gun in the game, you might not be too happy with the patch notes. A bunch of different weapons were adjusted across a spread of weapons manufacturers with some of them being the most commonly used Legendary options. Gearbox said that "some pieces of Legendary gear were greatly outperforming others" and has taken action to resolve that problem.

Found within the patch notes, you'll see several nerfs for some of the top weapon picks players have been using. The Flakker stands out as one of the guns that was notably nerfed to the point that it now consumes the entire magazine and has had a third of its damage taken away.

"Flakker was greatly outperforming other shotguns due to the number of projectiles and the high rate of fire," Gearbox said about the change. "We initially believed the resulting projectile spread would cause most of the explosions to miss the target, however this turned out to be false, so we reduced the projectile damage and allowed the weapon to only fire once per magazine. This change encourages players to capitalize on different stat bonuses to maximize the weapon's damage output."

It's not all bad news though since some weapons were buffed instead. Other adjustments fixed bugs that were causing weapons to be more powerful than intended, so at least not all of them were straight up nerfs for the sake of nerfing.

You can find all of the changes for each of the weapons found below:


  • Westergun damage increased by 25%
  • ASMD damage increased by 28%
  • Cutsman damage reduced by 25%


  • Ten Gallon damage increased by 8%


  • Sickle reload speed increased by 25%
  • Faisor damage increased by 15%
  • Infiniti damage increased by 40%
  • Magnificent damage increased by 25%
  • Jericho damage increased by 40%
  • Lucian's Call accuracy and handling reduced
  • Lyuda Critical Damage Bonus decreased by 30% and made a modification to address a reported bug that an extra bullet was spawned in the center


  • Try-Bolt damage increased by 25%
  • Alchemist damage increased by 25%
  • Devils Foursum damage increased by 13%
  • Flakker now consumes the full magazine when fired and damage is reduced by 33%
  • Laser-Sploder rocket projectiles spawn interval increased by 0.4 seconds


  • Maggie damage increased by 35%
  • Hellwalker damage reduced by 8%


  • Conference Call damage increased by 15%
  • Crossroad accuracy reduced and it now fires 3 projectiles instead of 4
  • Butcher accuracy reduced and damage reduced by 25%


  • Vanquisher damage increased by 20%

Children of the Vault

  • Skeksis damage increased by 15%
  • Linoge damage increased by 20%
  • Pain is Power damage increased by 25%


  • Ruby's Wrath damage increased by 10%