BossLogic Makes Def Jam: Fight For NY Fan Poster

BossLogic just showed Def Jam Vendetta some real love with some new fan art. The beloved fighting game has been in the news a lot lately. As people spend all that time inside, gamers are looking at their old collections and thinking about fun from previous generations. BossLogic’s work here with a Def Jam: World War and Def Jam: Fight For NY Remix ignited a lot of passion on social media. (With the current remaster craze, it wouldn’t be too wild to see something like that do massive numbers on the current get consoles.) Still, fans have got to be happy that someone around is probably noticing the love for the series. Def Jam Icon was the last entry before a Singstar variant shifted things toward karaoke instead. But, that just doesn’t hit the same and there is hope that some studio will deliver the follow-up to the first two games that people wanted.

Back in 2014, Icon developer Michael Mendheim spoke to Complex about the failure of that title. “The reviews were definitely mixed and I think the biggest problem with that title was that we didn’t stay true to the previous titles,” he began. “We let down some of the fans of Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam: Fight for New York.”

“Here was our problem: we tried to innovate too much. It was an existing brand with an existing fanbase that was in love with the previous games. If you look at something like Mortal Kombat, they don’t really change the mechanics of that game,” Mendheim continued. “They keep it the same game but change the story, add new technology and new moves, but Mortal Kombat fans know exactly what to expect when they make their purchase. Most importantly, they’re always delivered what they want.

“Unfortunately we didn’t do that on Def Jam Icon. The other problem was that while the positives with “Buildings With Bass” and art direction were very fantastic, they didn’t lend themselves well to the core gameplay mechanics. What happened is that the fighting became sluggish. When you have these super realistic characters and animations—which worked great for Fight Night as a boxing-sim—it doesn’t work for a fighting game because it isn’t fast enough. One of the biggest knocks on the product were the sluggish fighting controls. And the fans were correct,” he concluded

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