New Breath Of The Wild iMessage Stickers Make Every Message Heroic

 photo loz botw gif.gif

You can never have too much Legend of Zelda in your life, and these new iMessage stickers prove just that. The new bundle of animated goodness is now available on all iOS devices for $1.99 and really ... they 're too good to pass up. Nothing says a hard "no" like that Zelda exclamatory sticker. You just don't argue with a Princess.

There are 24 glorious animations in total, making every NPC interaction even better:

loz imessage

"Animated stickers based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have arrived! This sticker set features the courageous hero, Link, the wise Princess Zelda, and other familiar faces from the wilds of Hyrule—complete with memorable lines and poses from the game!" The new iMessage stickers are available here if you want to harness your inner Sidon!

There's no better way to express your important "Hiiiiyaaaah!" than with these stickers. Plus, with the final expansion for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild game out now, it's an additional way to celebrate the Champions' Ballad release IRL.

In other Legend of Zelda news, though the end is here for Breath of the Wild - that doesn't mean that the journey is over. The BotW director recently spoke in an interview about future plans and where we go from here. With confirmation that a new Legend of Zelda game in the works, that makes his latest message even more exciting. As for the official confirmation, we also added:


"There's always a chance that by "next Legend of Zelda" Aonuma was referring to smaller project; something for the Nintendo 3DS, or a smaller project for the Nintendo Switch in the same vein as A Link Between Worlds or TriForce Heroes. It would be strange indeed if we saw absolutely nothing of Link until the next mainline Nintendo Switch game, so Aonuma's comment could have been referring to any Legend of Zelda game."