Brutal Legend 2: Director Tim Schafer Comments on Possibility of Sequel

Developer Double Fine Productions only just released a new game within the past month in Psychonauts 2. The title was one that was over a decade and a half in the making for many fans, but as always with game development, numerous people who are passionate about Double Fine are already wondering about what the studio might be looking to cook up next. One popular request from a number of fans has been for a sequel to Brutal Legend, which was the 2009 action-adventure game that starred Jack Black. Now, in light of those requests, director Tim Schafer has opened up about the possibility of seeing Brutal Legend 2 come about. 

Speaking with The Gamer, Schafer, who is the co-founder and head of Double Fine, was asked about whether or not Brutal Legend 2 is a game that the company might now look to make after finishing Psychonauts 2. While Schafer didn't shoot down this idea, he said it would absolutely be a difficult project to create for a handful of reasons. "That's a tricky one. I feel some emotional barriers towards that because I really like the multiplayer aspect and people were so crabby about the RTS elements," Schafer said of the idea. "I'm like wow, which game do we make? Do we make the game that I want to make or do we make the one the fans are asking for? It's tricky to solve that problem."

Even though he didn't shoot down the idea of a Brutal Legend sequel, it sounds as though Schafer might have his heart set on working on something different for the studio's next venture. Still, even if that does prove to be what happens, it won't ever prevent him from evangelizing about Brutal Legend. "My goal is to just play Brutal Legend every Rocktober 13th until the world learns how great the game is," Schafer said of a tradition that Double Fine has to celebrate the title's anniversary each year.


What game would you like to see Double Fine work on next? Would you like it to be Brutal Legend 2, or something else entirely? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.