Call of Duty 2020 Teased by Activision

Call of Duty 2020 is reportedly still on track to release this year via the PS5, PS4, PlayStation, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. The news comes way of Activision and during its latest earnings call with investors. During the financial call, the publisher touched on the coronavirus and how it has and hasn't disrupted game development. While speaking about this year's untitled installment of Call of Duty, the publisher noted that the game is "on track for later this year." In other words, while the pandemic has impacted the game's development, it hasn't impacted it to the point that it will miss its late 2020 release window.

During the earnings call, Activision also teased that the game "already looks great," something it says about every installment every year. And this makes sense. This is an earnings call with investors. You aren't going to say anything but this while speaking to investors giving you money to make games.

What's interesting though is the usage of "already," suggesting the game could be even farther along in development than we think. Obviously it's pretty deep in development if it's releasing this year, but the fact that it's "already" looking great suggests it's not far off from being playable in an alpha or beta form.

Unfortunately, Activision didn't say anything else about the game, or at least anything salient. Officially, we know very little about the game. However, we do have plenty of unofficial details about the title. For one, it sounds like it's going to be set in the Black Ops universe, but won't be Black Ops 5 or a reboot.

Beyond this, we've also heard it will be set during the Vietnam War. Further, it's apparently being handled by two developers. Treyarch is reportedly developing the campaign while Sledgehammer develops the multiplayer.


Of course, all of these speculative and additive details should be taken with a grain of salt. Thankfully, they should be replaced with official details sometime this month or early next month.

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