Call of Duty 2021 Rumor Surfaces Online With Information About the Setting

A new, but unfortunately brief, Call of Duty 2021 rumor has information about the setting, suggesting the game won't just be a straight-up World War 2 game. The past few weeks, there have been a few conflicting reports about this year's new Call of Duty, which is believed to be called Call of Duty: WWII Vanguard. On one side, reports are claiming the game will be a standard World War 2 game. On the other side, some reports are claiming it will be a mix between World War 2 and the Cold War with a lot of twists and experimentation.

For now, it remains to be seen which set of reports are more accurate, but according to a new rumor, it's the latter. Over on Twitter, Call of Duty leaker MW2 OG relayed word from one source that claims the game will have a mixture between World War 2 and Cold War weaponry, which of course means it won't be solely focused on World War 2.

Unfortunately, this is where the rumor ends and right now there's no word of who this is coming from. So, for now, take it with a major grain of salt, but it sounds like those hoping for more than just a World War 2 shooter could get what they want.

At the moment of publishing, Activision and co. have not commented on this rumor in any capacity nor have they commented on any of the previous rumors and reports, which means it's unlikely this will change. That said, if Activision does break this pattern and comment, we will update the story with whatever it provides.

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