'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Blackout's Updated Looting System Is Releasing Next Week

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout players have some new limited-time modes coming their way along with an improved looting system, Treyarch said.

Next week’s Black Ops 4 update has something for every game mode, but Blackout players will be able to look forward to the long-awaited improvements to the loot stash user interface that Treyarch’s teased in the past. Treyarch teased the release of the new looting system days ago with some images that showed what it’ll soon look like when players dig through someone else’s stash, and in the developer’s latest preview of the update, it confirmed the release was coming next week.

“This update also delivers our new looting interface to Blackout on consoles, allowing players to scroll through a multi-row grid, loot the items they’re looking for, and get back to the action as quickly as possible,” Treyarch said about the next update. “This should also alleviate some other interface issues that console players have experienced in the past, and we’re excited to hear what you think when the update drops next week.”

The preview of the looting system shown above might differ from what’s released since it was still being worked on at the time, but it’s coming next week regardless. Along with that release, more limited-time modes are also coming to Blackout. These different modes have been seen in the past with different rules such as the Close Quarters mode which only allowed players to use close-quarters weapons like submachine guns and shotguns, and it seems two new game modes are on the horizon. More Blackout news is expected next week as well, though what that news pertains to hasn’t yet been announced.


“We’ve also got two new limited-time modes coming soon to Blackout starting next week! We’ll have all the details on what each of these new modes brings to the game in an upcoming update, plus the reveal of more Blackout news coming soon.”

Next week’s update will also introduce a new challenge for Zombies players and will help set the stage for League Play in the traditional multiplayer setting.