'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Adds New Anti-Griefing Feature

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players have a new feature in place now to protect them against griefers [...]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players have a new feature in place now to protect them against griefers following the release of the latest update. As previewed in the livestream Treyarch hosted to highlight the biggest changes of the March 26th update, there's now a Ricochet Friendly Fire system in both League Play and Hardcore modes. This feature, in theory, will make players less likely to target their teammates or else they risk getting themselves kicked killed and kicked from the game.

Friendly fire has long been a hot topic in shooters that feature more competitive modes like Black Ops 4 and Rainbow Six Siege seeing how a few unexpected shots from a teammate can end a hot streak. Sometimes it's unintentional, but other times it's purposefully done to ruin someone else's game. It's the second of those scenarios that Treyarch is looking to prevent from happening, but the new Ricochet Friendly Fire system also has measures built into it to account for accidental friendly fire as well.

"Last but not least, we've added a new Ricochet Friendly Fire system to League Play and Hardcore modes to combat intentional teamkilling," Treyarch's breakdown of the new patch said. "Ricochet Friendly Fire is now enabled for the first 15 seconds of a match or round, and after 3 teamkills, any subsequent damage dealt to a teammate will reflect back to the attacker. Further Ricochet teamkills will incur an escalating respawn delay penalty, and they'll be removed from the match after 3 Ricochets. In Search and Destroy, damaging a teammate who is planting or defusing a bomb will also ricochet damage back to the attacking teammate."

The new system attempts to strike a balance between the two instances where friendly fire might occur by not kicking players immediately when they eliminate a teammate unintentionally. Opening moments of these matches are where friendly fire is likely to happen though seeing how everyone spawns together, so all damage will be reflected during the starts of games.

Black Ops 4's Ricochet Friendly Fire system is now live, and according to Treyarch, griefers will now "have to PTFO or GTFO."


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