Call of Duty Insider Drops First Details on COD 2022 and COD 2023

A Call of Duty insider has dropped the first details on COD 2022 and COD 2023. The report comes the way of prominent industry insider and leaker Tom Henderson, who made a name for himself with Call of Duty scoops. According to Henderson, the next two installments in the series after Call of Duty: Vanguard will be "boots on the ground," which is to say, they won't have jet-packs or wall-running or anything we've seen from futuristic installments in the series in the past. And of course, this also implies they will either be set in modern times or in the 20th century.

Unfortunately, this is all Henderson divulged about the next two installments in the series, but it's enough to have many fans excited. As you may know, "boots on the ground" more or less was a campaign from fans to bring the game back to the 20th century and modern era after a few releases set in the future. Judging by recent releases and upcoming releases, it worked. 

"Thank God. [The] community cried for three years about jetpack CODs why the hell would we want them back," said one fan on Twitter in reply to Henderson's tweet about the next two installments. 

Of course, there are plenty of fans who wouldn't mind the series dipping their toes back in the future, but it sounds like that's not going to happen, with COD 2022 likely to be Modern Warfare 2 and COD 2023 likely to be another Black Ops game.

All of that said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt given that it's all information of the unofficial variety, and even if it's accurate, it's also subject to change.


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