Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Locks New Feature Behind Controversial Paywall

Earlier this month, Infinity Ward rolled out the biggest free update in the history of the Call of [...]

Earlier this month, Infinity Ward rolled out the biggest free update in the history of the Call of Duty franchise. The update included a plethora of new modes, weapons, maps and more. While the Season 1 update seems to have gone over fairly well with the Modern Warfare fan base, some are upset about a pricier pack. The Mother Russia bundle retails for 2000 COD points ($20) and includes a number of different items to enhance your Call of Duty experience. One of those items is the Time to Die watch, and it tells players how many times they've died in a single match. The reason fans are upset is because this was a standard feature in past Call of Duty games, and something fans had been requesting to see return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Since downloadable content was first introduced in video games, it has led to controversy. In theory, it's a nice way to keep people playing and enjoying their purchase long after the game would have been put back on the shelf. Unfortunately, some publishers have looked at it as a way to nickel-and-dime customers on things that should have been made available in the release in the first place. It's impossible to determine Infinity Ward's exact intent with the Time to Die watch, but it's easy to see why fans would be upset with a standard feature being cut and then added back under a fairly steep paywall.

As of this writing, there is no way to purchase the Time to Die watch without buying the entire Mother Russia DLC. It will be interesting to see if Infinity Ward and Activision decide to make the watch available as a separate purchase in the future.

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