Call of Duty: Mobile May Add Controller Support

Call of Duty: Mobile has already been labeled a success thanks to a massive launch that put it above other mobile games, but there’s a highly requested feature that may be coming to the game which would bring on even more players. Controller support is something that’s been suggested often by players who want to use either a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller with their mobile device, and according to Activision, controller support may indeed be added at some point.

A post on the Call of Duty: Mobile subreddit provided an update on the current status of the game by addressing players’ points of feedback and previewing what’s to come this week and during the next. As is the case with many mobile games, especially those with competitive aspects, controller support was one of the features that’s been suggested the most by players.

Activision acknowledged this and said that controller support is actually already in the testing phase. It wasn’t confirmed whether or not the feature would actually be added, but the game’s creators said it’s something that’d have to be “properly implemented and balanced” before anything definitive happened.

“We hear you loud and clear that you want to know about controller support,” the update on Call of Duty: Mobile said. “We are currently testing controller support and looking at the possibility of offering this feature sometime in the future, but we'd have to make sure it is properly implemented and balanced. Just hang tight.”

If controller support were to be added, it’d most likely be implemented in a way similar to how other games have supported matchmaking systems with different input options. Those who use controllers will would probably be placed in lobbies against opponents using only controllers unless someone who’s using the touch controls chooses to opt into playing with other types of players. We won’t know for sure until more info is shared about the feature though, assuming it’s officially added at some point.


Other instances of feedback from players addressed in the post included more login options, performance improvements, and cheater reports. Activision said more login options are being looked into and that the game will be “continuously updated and improved.” As for cheaters, Activision said to keep using the in-game reporting tool while additional ways to report cheaters are worked on.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for free on Android and iOS devices.