Call of Duty: Mobile Adds Fan Favorite Mode for Limited Time

Call of Duty: Mobile has brought back one of the most popular rotating game modes in the Call of Duty series now that Gun Game has gone live. The game mode went live this week after a tease from last week hinted at the return of a classic, and it’ll be available for a limited time to anyone who reaches a certain level first. The game mode tasks players with getting kills using a set rotation of guns until one player has gotten a kill with each weapon.

Gun Game went live in Call of Duty: Mobile a few days ago with many players already taking part in the familiar mode and sharing their victories. The arcade-style mode has been a favorite of the series of party games like One in the Chamber and related modes since it’s fast-paced and gives players a chance to try out a ton of different weapons. Ten players compete in each match, and the game ends when someone’s gotten 20 kills with all the rotating weapons.

To find Call of Duty: Mobile’s new Gun Game mode in the app, just head to the “Featured” tab within the “Game Mode” menu. You’ll find Gun Game listed there.

Activision teased the return of the mode in a community update from October 11th where it said October 14th would see the return of a classic game mode. Many players speculated that it’d be Gun Game, though a leaked image showing different featured modes spoiled that surprise by confirming it’d be coming soon. That same image reportedly had other game modes like Snipers Only and Rockets Only game modes as well.

This game mode being added follows Activision’s previously stated commitment to incorporate the best parts of the Call of Duty series into Call of Duty: Mobile whether those parts came from the Black Ops or Modern Warfare games. The strategy seems to be working so far since the game already amassed over 100 million downloads within its first week and probably has many more since then.


For anyone who’s become accustomed to the mobile layout but would still prefer to play with a controller, there’s a chance support for those devices may be added in the future. Activision said recently that it’s currently testing controller support for the mobile Call of Duty game and that it might be implemented if it can be done in a balanced manner.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for Android and iOS devices.