Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Is Getting a Minimap

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare testers’ concerns have been heard, and the game’s beta is getting a minimap. Infinity Ward announced on Friday that it’d tentatively be adding a version of a minimap to the game on Saturday based on players’ feedback about the feature’s absence. There is a catch or two to this minimap though: It doesn’t display enemy fire, so it’s still not the minimap most people will be used to, and just because it’s being tested here doesn’t mean it’ll be added to the game permanently.

Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward updated its beta recap post on Friday that went over the second day of the beta and what had been added and noticed. The first version of the post said players would be getting a new map and game mode while also acknowledging the frequent feedback about the lack of a minimap. It was updated as we came closer to day three of the beta to say a minimap would be added in some capacity.

“As we mentioned yesterday, we are still experimenting with the minimap, so tomorrow, the minimap will be turned on but will not display enemy fire,” Infinity Ward said about the returning feature.

So there will be a minimap enabled on Saturday, the first day that all PlayStation 4 owners are eligible to play in the beta, but it’s still not exactly the one most players probably had in mind when requesting a map. There was a minimap in the game prior to this addition, but it only activated whenever a relevant killstreak like a UAV was activated. At all other times there was nothing in that corner of the screen which meant players had to rely on what was right in front of them to make their decisions.


This probably won’t even be the final version of the minimap based on Infinity Ward’s wording, so players who see it in the beta need not get too comfortable with it. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a completely different version next weekend when the second round of testing opens up to more players, but you can expect Infinity Ward to have more updates for players as the tests go on since the minimap has been such a hot topic.

Details on when you should look to join the Modern Warfare beta depending on your preferred platform can be found here. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on October 25th.