Call of Duty Reveals How Black Ops Cold War Will Integrate With Warzone

The next chapter in the Call of Duty saga, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, will be arriving on our consoles in just a matter of days. While players often look forward to the new Call of Duty each year, the current Modern Warfare and Warzone games have really revolutionized the franchise, and most players won't want to abandon the previous game in favor of devoting their energy entirely to the new one. Fortunately, that won't have to happen this time around. Black Ops Cold War will be fully integrated with Modern Warfare and Warzone.

When Cold War Black Ops launches next week, it will be a fairly standalone game. November 13th will begin what will be considered the Pre-Season, where you will level up and progress through the game as usual. Things will begin changing on December 10th, when Cold War Black Ops kicks off Season One, releasing its first downloadable content for the game.

When Season One begins, all three games will become integrated. What that means is, the leveling and progress systems in Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone will all be connected. If you spend a night playing multiplayer on Modern Warfare, you'll still level up in Cold War, keeping you from having to dedicate all of your time to just one game.

This is most important when it comes to Warzone. All weapons, operator skins, and finishing moves from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War will be integrated into Warzone, making the free-to-play battle royale experience bigger than ever before.

All of the weapons from Modern Warfare will remain, as will your weapon and player progress. None of that will be reset when the games integrate. Furthermore, Modern Warfare and Cold War multiplayer modes won't be able to cross weapons over. All of the weapons will be added to Warzone, but not to one another.

None of this will affect how you play the game, or what you're able to do, if you choose not to buy Black Ops Cold War. Sure, there will be exclusive unlockables only available in the new game, but that doesn't mean new content won't show up in Modern Warfare as well. Both Modern Warfare and Warzone can continue to be played as-is.

Black Ops Cold War will have a shared Battle Pass system with Warzone, offering exclusive content to players as they work through the season. While the Modern Warfare will continue to have its own Battle Pass system that works alongside Warzone, you can still earn XP towards new Battle Pass levels by playing Cold War.


In short, all three of the games will work together for the foreseeable future. Playing one of them helps you progress and level up in all of them. That should certainly be welcomed news for Call of Duty players everywhere.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War arrives on November 13th.