Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Player Uses Busted Spawns to Get Nuke in Under 40 Seconds

Infinity Ward brought Shipment back to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a fan-favorite map that everyone had been waiting on since it was first teased. Expectations were high for the fan-favorite map, but since its release, players have noticed that the spawns on Shipment seem to be worse than usual. To find examples of these busted spawns in action, players need to look no further than videos like the one below that show a player getting a nuke in under 40 seconds.

The Modern Warfare player who goes by Payton132 within the game’s subreddit shared a clip of their quick nuke that can be seen below. Positioning themselves in a spot where they were right in the middle of the enemy spawn, the player only had to pivot back and forth to eliminate everyone around them as enemies spawned in.

Some enemies even spawned right on top of the player, but pretty much all of them had their back turned when appearing, so there was pretty much no chance of retaliation.

29 Second Tactical Nuke (Using Shipments broken spawns) 🙂 from r/modernwarfare

We don’t actually get to see the nuke dropped in the clip since the player said they saved it till the end of the match, probably to get more points before the fight was done since getting the first 30 kills was so early. You can see right around 42 seconds into the video though that the 30th kill is earned and the Tactical Nuke popup appears.

The clip says that the nuke was earned in 29 seconds after amassing 30 kills in a short amount of time, but it looks like the actual time is around 38 seconds considering how the first kill happens at four seconds and the 30th one occurs 42 seconds in. Either way, it’s an absurdly short amount of time to get a nuke that shouldn’t really be possible if the spawns were working as intended.


It’d be one thing if this were the only clip of its kind showcasing the frustrating spawns on Shipment, but it’s not. Other clips like the YouTube video above have appeared since the map was released as players try to get the quickest nuke time on Modern Warfare. It looks like Payton132 has this YouTuber beat with both of them spawn camping in the same spot and achieving similar results.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare added Shipment along with other maps and features earlier in December. Players have been vocal about the Shipment spawns since the map’s release, so expect the developers to have something to say about it within the next few weeks.