Call Of Duty, Super Mario Are Quite The Popular Kids’ Brands


Kids really seem to like a lot of stuff these days. But it’s a bit surprising that a game series with several Mature-rated titles would be amongst them.

That’s the case with a new report provided by the NPD Group, which breaks down the most popular brands among kids in the United States. Titled the US Kids License Report, it breaks down the top ten most popular brands based on dollar sales of licensed products with kids between the ages of 2 and 14.

In addition, the report indicates that video games alone have take up 27 percent of sales amongst boys age 10-14, with the share increasing “substantially” with women as well.

When it comes to breaking down the top brands, Batman took an easy first place victory with clothing, but Call of Duty was surprisingly close behind in second, and the first in the video games sales list. Disney’s Frozen was third place, followed by Nintendo’s Mario line-up and Disney’s Mickey & Friends.

Here’s the full top ten list:

  1. Batman (clothing)
  2. Call of Duty (video games)
  3. Disney Frozen (toys)
  4. Mario Brothers (video games)
  5. Mickey & Friends (clothing)
  6. Minecraft (video games)
  7. Paw Patrol (toys)
  8. Pokemon (video games)
  9. Star Wars (toys)
  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (toys)

NPD Group analyst Juli Lennett added, “While licenses remain important to kids throughout the phases of their youth, they are engaging with licenses in new and different ways as they get older, and simultaneously become more technologically mature. Technology in the form of video games, electronics, and mobile apps poses an opportunity to extend the life of a license among kids where it makes sense.”

Again, it’s a bit weird that Call of Duty would be on the list, but there it is. And this year’s Call of Duty: WWII is likely to be popular with them as well, even though it’s made for older gamers at heart. Again, parents, maybe make note of the Mature rating that the game has?

At least other popular brands are easy to note, like Mario, Pokemon and Star Wars, as well as Minecraft and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.