Call of Duty: Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Collide in Season 2 Outro Trailer

The second seasons of both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone are coming to an end very soon. That means new content, a new Battle Pass, and a brand new look for Verdansk. Much has been made of the destruction of the Warzone island map, as Warzone prepares to get a new look to match the '80s aesthetic of Black Ops Cold War. Ahead of the Season 3 launch, Call of Duty has released a new cinematic trailer, showing how Verdansk is going to tie into the story of Black Ops Cold War.

The new cinematic "Outro" for Season 2 shows many of the characters still trying to find Adler, who was previously taken by Stitch and Naga. The crew has located Adler, finally, only to realize that he's being held captive on the island of Verdansk. You can check out the cinematic in the video above!

This is how Warzone will merge with Black Ops Cold War, at least in terms of story. Once Verdansk is destroyed next week, there will be an event that will take things back in time, making the map canon Black Ops Cold War.

Until that happens, the current Warzone map is being slowly infected by radioactive contamination, overrun with the undead in various radiation zones. It's going to be a rough week in Warzone leading up to the new season.

Here's what the latest contamination brief from Warzone has to say about the event:

"A major contagion warning has been issued for the Gora Dam following the movement of hostile forces from the areas southwest. It is believed that all mutations of the current threats may be present in this area. Consider these threats extremely dangerous.


"Current postulations point to the origin of these threats: It is believed that the hostiles we are attempting to contain were possibly crew members of the ghost ship Vodianoy, as well as research personnel from the ship’s originating port, [REDACTED] codenamed Rebirth Island. It is further hypothesized that cargo contained within the hold of the ship contained the current contaminant."

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