Call of Duty Video Shows a Cheater's Surprising Reaction to Getting Banned

Activision and Raven Software continued their anti-cheating campaign in Call of Duty: Warzone this week by announcing that yet another 100,000 cheaters had been banned recently, but this announcement came about a bit differently. Most of these announcements came through the form of tweets and perhaps a larger blog post talking about future anti-cheat efforts, though this one included a video showing a reaction of an actual cheater who got banned.

The video below starts out about as expected with the banners saying their actions amounted to "a lot of pissed off cheaters" who'd been banned. It then transitioned into a TikTok video made by someone who'd apparently been posting videos of their cheating exploits on the platform. Their reaction wasn't the typical one that you'd expect from a cheater who can't play Warzone any longer.

Instead of being angry at Activision and Raven Software, the cheater applauded them and said that he'd been hardware banned from playing the game. Showing different monitors with the game and accounts pulled up, the voice behind the video said that accounts were being banned without even playing the game yet.

"You finally have banned accounts," the cheater said. "I appreciate you doing that. I'm actually happy right now. You guys took matters into your own hands and fixed it, so now, content creators are coming back to the game."

The anti-cheat sagas in Warzone have been going on for a while now with Activision and Raven Software making announcements after announcements about banning people from playing the game who were found to be cheating somehow. Ever so often, we get announcements that are a bit less entertaining than this one that give the community a number of cheaters that have been banned in the past couple of months or so, sometimes accompanied by a to-date number to show how many cheaters have been banned overall.


Those in charge of Warzone have spoken out independently of these announcements as well. Amos Hodge, for example, the creative director at Raven Software, said cheaters in Warzone are "ruining some of the best work" that he's ever done in his life.

Cheaters are far from being stamped out permanently in Warzone, however, so expect to see more of these types of announcements in the future.