Call of Duty: Warzone Quickly Removes Controversial Sniper Change

Call of Duty: Warzone recently made a controversial change to snipers that was met with immediate backlash, and has since been reverted. With yesterday's update, developer Raven Software dealt snipers a major nerf, removing the ability of all snipers to kill in one headshot in regular battle royale modes. Not only was this a controversial change, but a puzzling one. That said, apparently, it was not an intentional change. Not long after this unintentional change began to make the rounds on social media, Raven Software released a new hotfix to return snipers back to their normal damage values. 

Since this revert, which went live last night, another small update was released this morning with a few changes involving the Combat Shield, the Armaguerra 43, and icon visibility. Unlike the hotfix, this update should require a download from players, but if this is the case, Raven Software doesn't specify nor provide any insight into the file size. They do provide the following patch notes though:

  • Armaguerra 43 (VG) .30 Russian Mag global damage bonus removed.
  • Combat Shield (VG) now properly covers a Players head when equipped.
  • Icon visibility has been increased from 400m to 600m.

As always, we will keep you updated as more information surfaces, but snipers should be fixed alongside the Combat Shield. Meanwhile, the Armaguerra 43 may not be as effective going forward. 

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