Call of Duty: Warzone Leak Points to Duos and Squads Modes

Some leaked images from Call of Duty: Warzone appear to indicate that both Duos and Squads game modes are coming to the game along with some other features. Duos and other team sizes were always expected to arrive eventually seeing how Infinity Ward itself said it was testing different team sizes, but the latest images indicate the modes might arrive sooner than players would’ve expected. The images in question show both Duos and Squads as options in Warzone which would mean players could play a match with only two or four people on their teams, respectively.

Twitter user ModernWarzone tweeted the images from the account that serves as the official Twitter home for content from the subreddit of the same name. A different user was credited with the images after they reportedly shared them via Discord.

Warzone launched with only one option for players by putting them in teams of three, assuming nobody in your party left as soon as the match started. The battle royale game added a Solos mode just a few days ago which feels like an entirely different experience as opposed to having teammates watch your back, but Duos, Squads, and perhaps a five-person team will feel more like the game mode the game launched with.

The images also indicated that private Warzone matches with configurable rules are coming as well.

Patrick Kelly, the head of Infinity Ward, said previously in a USA Today interview that the developer was playtesting four and five-person squads but that it was important to launch with something they knew would work. Trios have been tried in other battle royale games and is the main method of playing Apex Legends, so the success of a three-person game mode was pretty much a given.


“So let’s say you show up alone and just want to play solo … or if you show up with a buddy, you just check the box that says, ‘Don’t fill my squad,’ and you will just be a duo,” Kelly told USA Today. “I can tell you we have four- and five-player squads we are already playing with. But we want to launch with something we know works really well and we have tested to the nines and then play around with these different team sizes.”

Players who poked around in the game’s code saw hints of more game modes in the past, but these images might mean that those modes are coming sooner rather than later.