New Call of Duty: Warzone Map Exploits Are Getting Fixed "Soon"

Call of Duty: Warzone's new Verdansk '84 map has only been out for a while now, but players have naturally been able to find ways to exploit the map during the short time it's been available. Just as players have worked quickly to find these exploits, however, Raven Software is working to patch them up and remove such exploits. The Warzone developer commented on the matter this week and said that it'd have a fix up "soon" for exploitable areas on Verdansk '84.

The exploits Raven Software referred to in its comments about the plans to come seem to be the pretty standard sort of issues any Call of Duty map would face. Verdansk's new makeover has created spots where players are able to wiggle their way inside of or below something that they normally wouldn't be able to move around with the results typically leaving the player invulnerable and completely out of sight. A pretty standard Call of Duty map bug, but a frustrating one regardless.

Thankfully, those who play by the rules and don't exploit such problems won't have to worry about players doing that much longer, or at least they won't have to worry about it happening in the most frequent spots. Raven Software said in the tweet above that linked out to its Trello board that it would have a fix coming in the future.

The Trello board in question that tracks different issues affecting Warzone and keeps up with patch notes naturally does not list the exploitable areas that are to be fixed. Doing so would make players flock to those locations to see how they can push the boundaries of the map even further until the issues are resolved. The Trello card says "Fix Scheduled" and also has the "Investigating" tag, so it's unclear when these issues will be fixed beyond "soon."


Even when they are fixed, the exploits won't go away entirely. Warzone players will know by now that these sort of exploits simply pop up like normal as things change in the game, or sometimes players just happen to be the first one to discover and publicize an exploit others had missed. As these issues pop up, we can expect more updates like the one above from Raven Software to take aim at those exploits.