The Best Call of Duty: WWII Black Friday Deals You Can Find

Call of Duty: WWII might’ve just been released recently, but that isn’t preventing the game [...]


Call of Duty: WWII might've just been released recently, but that isn't preventing the game from being heavily discounted for Black Friday.

There's no question that Call of Duty: WWII is one the year's most-anticipated games as it returns the series to the boots-on-the-ground feel of older games, but that doesn't mean everyone bought it right away. With the game coming out at the beginning of November, it's the time of the year that has gamers deciding between buying new games for themselves now or putting back money for everyone else's gifts. Thankfully, several retailers have got your back this year, and you should be able to accomplish both of those goals thanks to these savings.

The best deal that you're going to get on Call of Duty: WWII by far is going to come from Best Buy. Their Black Friday ad was recently revealed and listed Call of Duty: WWII for just $40, a price that puts it $20 below the retail price that you'll usually find it for.

That's the best price that you'll be able to find for the holidays, but you've got other options as well if Best Buy isn't an option that'll work for you. If you've got gift cards or other options that would draw you elsewhere, GameStop, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us all boast their own discounts for the latest Call of Duty game. Both Toys R Us and Target have the game listed for $45, Walmart has it for a bit less for $43, and GameStop will have the game listed for a bit more at $50.

Buying Call of Duty: WWII for just $40 seems like a pretty incredible deal for such a new game, but you can check out our review of the game that presents it with a solid 4/5 stars if you're still on the fence about purchasing it. With a scary-good Zombies more and a multiplayer experience full of progression and classic weapons, Call of Duty: WWII is a game that's certainly worth picking up if you're itching to return to the series after taking a break from the previous titles.