Call of Duty: WWII Egypt Map Coming Soon, Check It Out Here

Assassin's Creed Origins definitely has players amped up to traverse the sandy lands of Egypt, and [...]

Assassin's Creed Origins definitely has players amped up to traverse the sandy lands of Egypt, and now Call of Duty players can get in on the action as well! Sledgehammer Games has just revealed their upcoming map and it's none other than the land of pharaohs.

The video above features Gabriel Galaz and Matt Abbott talking about what's on the way later this week! Not only is it an incredibly detailed look at the latest adventure FPS fans can take to, but the devs also supply a few tricks on how to conquer this new map with efficiency and skill.

If you're a fan of parkour, this is definitely going to be the perfect place for you, as well as plenty of places to get to high ground and strategically take out the opposition. This isn't the only new map coming to Call of Duty: WWII, though it is the one we are most excited for. Other maps included V2, Dunkirk, and Operation: Husky. We'll be getting a closer look at those throughout the week before the release set for April 10th.

The latest expansion for the Call of Duty franchise, The War Machine, makes its grand debut on April10th for all platforms. Call of Duty: WWII is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

For a little more about the DLC itself:

  • Objective #1: Retrieve the Intel: As Operation Husky opens, you and your fellow soldiers will need to collect three key pieces intel under the cover of night. Two of these are located on the upper levels of an Axis-controlled building, while one is in the garage below. Allied forces have access to a finite number of Molotov cocktails that can used to push into the defended areas, while Axis fighters have a limited number of tripwires that can set up to ambush incoming soldiers.
  • Objective #2: Transmit the Intel: Once the Allies have secured three pieces of intel, they must push forward and take control of a nearby Axis-held radio station to transmit the information back to Headquarters. This multi-level building is fortified with a machine gun nest, along with two buildable walls. It's a tough spot to defend but can also be a hard location to capture.
  • Objective #3: Take to the Skies: If the Allied forces are successful in getting the radio intel through to Headquarters, you will find yourself in the cockpit of a fighter plane in the skies high above Sicily, dogfighting against your enemies. Take down the enemy fighters to defend the bombers and achieve victory as the Allies or wipe out the opposing fighters so that you can take down the bombing run and successfully win on the Axis side.