Capcom Files New Trademarks for Dino Crisis, Darkstalkers, and More

Outside of Nintendo, Sony and perhaps Sega, very few other video game publishers have managed to create the pantheon of franchises that Capcom has. Mega Man, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter and Resident Evil are just a handful of examples; the publisher is responsible for some of the most beloved series in all of gaming. Unfortunately, while those particular franchises have seen a number of releases over the last few years, Capcom has plenty of equally beloved games that haven't seen new iterations in quite some time. That could very well change in the near future, however! According to Event Hubs, Capcom has renewed a large number of trademarks for the company's less popular franchises. This in no way means that Capcom plans on doing anything with those trademarks, but it's certainly a curious development!

The re-upped trademarks include survival horror games like Dino Crisis, fighting games like Darkstalkers and action-platformers like Bionic Commando. With such a large number of trademarks being re-upped at the same time, the most likely answer is also the least exciting one: Capcom is probably just doing a little bit of housekeeping to ensure those trademarks can be used again, should they so choose. While that won't come as exciting news, it does show that the publisher still sees these franchises as viable.

It's also possible that Capcom is preparing to release more compilation titles. The company has released a number of compilations over the last several years, covering both the company's biggest games and some of their smaller ones, as well. Resident Evil Origins Collection, Disney Afternoon Collection, Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle and the upcoming Mega Man Zero/ZX Collection are just a few examples, and it's entirely possible we could see more in the future!

The list published by Event Hubs has plenty of games that could be perfectly suited for a revamp, as well. Dino Crisis, in particular, seems like the perfect game for Capcom to remake after Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Dino Crisis and the Resident Evil franchise share some DNA between them, and the concept is way past overdue for a revisit.

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