Celeste Update Resets Speedrun Times

The next update for Celeste aims to reset speedrun times for single chapters due to a known [...]

The next update for Celeste aims to reset speedrun times for single chapters due to a known time-saving exploit.

Celeste's speedrunning change is the biggest difference that players will see after receiving the patch that's now live on Steam and is coming to consoles soon, a change that clears the saved times early so that players speedrunners can keep the integrity of the competition intact. An exploit had been recognized that allowed players to abuse the fact that the chapter timer paused during deaths, cutscenes, and some menus with players using this exploit this feature to retry different screen transitions in an attempt to get a better time.

Aside from the speedrunning change, the rest of the adjustments in the new Celeste update deal mostly with bugfixes. A full list of the changes can be found below as well as through the official changelog.


  • Breaking Change: The Chapter timer no longer pauses during deaths, cutscenes, and in-game menus. Previously it was possible to exploit the timer by retrying on some screen transitions, which we didn't feel was a fun way to play. Unfortunately due to this change Speedrun times for single-chapters will be cleared. We decided it was best to make this change now while the game is still early in its speedrun life.
  • Menu text does not flash when selected if Photosensitive Mode is enabled
  • Quick Restart hint only displays if you go to it through the Menu
  • Assist Mode speed option no longer affects the game speed during player deaths or cutscenes


  • Fixed thread loading bug for the Chapter 7 intro vignette
  • Fixed rare division by 0 which caused the player speed to be NaN, resulting in a crash when wall-jumping
  • Fixed Madeline's hair being the wrong color on the Mountain Overworld when you exit Chapter 7, The Epilogue, or Chapter 8

Celeste is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.