Chivalry 2 Devs Tease New Weapons, Maps, and More

Chivalry 2 creators Torn Banner Studios just recently put out the Tenosian Invasion update which was the biggest post-launch release to date, but unsurprisingly, the devs are already looking ahead to what's coming next. Parts of those plans were teased this week in a dev diary from Torn Banner talking about what's to come including new maps, social features, at least one weapon, and story evolutions that'll continue to build on what's already been laid out.

The video below from the Tripwire Interactive channel went over those details and more during discussions about the future of the game. One of the first tidbits about what's to come was shared around a minute and 20 seconds into the video where Steve Piggot, president and founder of Torn Banner, teased new weapons including some from the first Chivalry game.

"We have a range of new weapons coming out, and we're bringing back some classics from Chiv 1," Piggot said. "And then, you have weapons that are more inspired by the Tenosian faction. There is the 'katars' which are these kind of scissor blades that sit on your hands, so super-fast slicing-style combat."

In addition to the concepts for those new weapons, we also got to see a preview of the new maps coming to the game in the future. The Hippodrome is one of those with a snowy biome also teased, and at some point in the future, the game will get cross-platform support for social parties. Those features and more were addressed in a helpful recap blog post accompanying this video.

"These include the Hippodrome, a new tournament-styled map set in the Tenosian faction setting and designed with mounted horse combat in mind, a new Tenosian-inspired weapon called the Katar, a new winter-themed biome featuring snow and ice, and the long-awaited cross-play party social support, which has been highly requested from the community," the post from the game's creators said. "Players can expect these features and more as Torn Banner reinforces its commitment to supporting and expanding the scope of Chivalry 2 for 2022 and beyond."