Classic 'Conspiracy' Board Game Is Coming Back

A classic board game from the 1970s is coming back with a new edition.Restoration Games, the maker [...]

A classic board game from the 1970s is coming back with a new edition.

Restoration Games, the maker of the rebooted (and highly successful) Fireball Island, announced that they are coming out with a new edition of the classic spy game Conspiracy. The original game featured players vying to control a group of secret agents as they moved a briefcase filled with secret files to different headquarters. Instead of controlling a specific agent, players instead bid on which agent they controlled during specific rounds.

The original Conspiracy involved no dice or luck - only strategy based around bidding on spies. Players had to work together to block whoever was in the lead, while crafting their own plans to win the game. The bidding mechanic was innovative when it was first released in the 1970s, and has since become a staple in board games.

The new version, titled Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit, will update the game with new rules and twists. For instance, each of the secret agents will now have their own special abilities. If a player can't win the game quick enough, a new character named Dr. Solomon (named after the game's original creator) will arrive. Players can bid on Dr. Solomon as if he were one of the secret agents, and his arrival will trigger a dice roll that could potentially end the game. If the dice roll triggers the game ending automatically, the player who bribed Dr. Solomon the most money wins.

Restoration Games has a strong track record of rebooting old board games into new versions that pay homage to the original while staying fresh and innovative. In addition to rebooting Fireball Island, the company has also made new versions of Stop, Thief! and Dragonmaster and is working on a rebooted version of the classic Dark Tower board game.

Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit will be released in summer 2019.