Control Ultimate Edition Gets PS5, Xbox Series X Release Dates, New Trailer

Remedy Entertainment announced a new release date for Control Ultimate Edition this week that’ll [...]

Remedy Entertainment announced a new release date for Control Ultimate Edition this week that'll have the upgraded version of the game out early next year. Control Ultimate Edition actually has two different release dates one month apart from each other though with the digital version of the game launching on February 2nd while the retail version will launch on March 2nd. The game will offer next-gen enhancements on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, some of which were shown off in a new trailer released on Friday along side the release date announcement.

You can check out that trailer below that shows off some footage from the PlayStation 5 version. As Remedy Entertainment explained in the announcement, the next-gen version of the game will offer two different modes players can swap between depending on how they want to experience things. You can play in a Performance Mode which offers 60fps regardless of the console you're playing on or you can play in a Graphics Mode that limits the game to 30fps while enabling better graphics and things like ray-tracing where supported.

Those who've been keeping up with the updates on the next-gen version of the game will recall Control Ultimate Edition as one of the few games that had more complicated next-gen plans than anticipated. While the features offered in the next-gen version are in line with the plans other studios announced for their games, the process of actually getting this new version wasn't quite as simple. Instead of offering a free upgrade for the base game like so many other publishers and developers have, 505 Games said the only way to get this next-gen version of the game was to purchase Control Ultimate Edition specifically even if you already owned the original Control.

The publisher attempted to explain the situation without much success in alleviating people's frustrations, but the only avenue for experiencing the next-gen version of the game is still to purchase the Control Ultimate Edition, not the base Control game. Control Ultimate Edition was previously supposed to be available this year but was delayed to early 2021 in November when Remedy Entertainment announced that it needed more time to work on the game.