Control Release Date for Xbox Game Pass for PC Revealed

Remedy Entertainment’s Control has been on Xbox Game Pass for a little over a month now, but [...]

Remedy Entertainment's Control has been on Xbox Game Pass for a little over a month now, but only those on the platform's console iteration have been able to play it. Fortunately for those on PC who have been holding out, Control is finally heading your way as well and now has an arrival date on the service.

Announced recently on social media, Xbox Game Pass has confirmed that Control will at long last be making its way to the PC versions of the subscription model later this week. The release date specifically is that of January 21st, which is this coming Thursday. Once this day arrives, assuming you're already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you'll then be able to add Control to your library and begin downloading it free of charge.

It's worth pointing out that the only iteration of Control that is available here on both Xbox Game Pass for PC and console is that of the base game. Remedy ended up releasing a handful of DLC packs for Control after its initial release, one of which tied back into the studio's previous title, Alan Wake. However, both of these expansions must still be purchased on their own if you'd like to play through them for yourself.

While Control has been in the headlines a lot recently, it should be a bit more prominent in the coming months, too. The game is set to soon receive its much-anticipated ports on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which is being dubbed the Ultimate Edition, beginning early in February. This release date on February 2nd will be only for the digital iteration of the game, however. A month later on March 2nd, the game will then hit store shelves in its physical version.

If you've still held off on playing Control for yourself, will this addition to Xbox Game Pass for PC later this week finally convince you to give it a whirl? Let me know either down in the comments or by hitting me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.