Crusader Kings 3 Update Adds Fan-Favorite Feature

The free 1.2 update is now available in Crusader Kings III on Xbox Game Pass, and it's bringing with it a beloved feature from the previous game! Ruler Designer was an option in Crusader Kings II, allowing players to create their own character. This time around, however, there are some improvements, to make the experience even better. Players will have a wealth of options to choose from, allowing for some unique possibilities. With the game's portrait system, all of those changes will be reflected by the creation's 3D model, as well, adding an extra depth to the choices made by the player.

Players will be able to choose their ruler's gender, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, hairstyle, traits, and more. Players can even give their ruler various injuries and illnesses, which will have an impact on the game's difficulty level. As an incentive to get players to showcase their creativity, the official Crusader Kings Twitter account has asked players to share their best creations with the developers. The best will be shown off during the developer's livestreams, which air on Fridays. Further details can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

In addition to Ruler Designer, the 1.2 update includes a handful of other changes to the game. The game's UI has been updated, Siberian Paganism has been added as one of the game's faiths, and military improvements have been made. Notably, "ugly" characters have also seen a change, with facial features that are more exaggerated than they were previously. There's also a Kill List, which keeps track of the game's various murders, slayings, executions, and more. Last but not least, a change has been made to the game's nudity, which is now a setting, as opposed to a rule.

All in all, it sounds like some welcome changes to a game that already received strong reviews! For those that have yet to check out Crusader Kings III, the game is available now as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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