'Marvel's Daredevil' Has a Huge 'Mass Effect 3' Easter Egg

A new season of the Netflix series Daredevil has kicked off and while taking a short break away [...]

A new season of the Netflix series Daredevil has kicked off and while taking a short break away from the thrilling characters and beloved Marvel heroes, one avid watcher caught a neat little Mass Effect Easter Egg.

Mass Effect 3, for those that may not know, is the conclusion to an iconic RPG trilogy from BioWare and brought closure to the Commander Shepard saga. The third installment also had a killer soundtrack, which makes this Daredevil Easter egg downright perfect!

Lmao, the recap uses Mass Effect 3's Leaving Earth... from r/Daredevil

One Redditor noticed that the show's recap used the "Leaving Earth" score from the third game's soundtrack. Leaving Earth was scored by Clint Mansell and highlighted an intense moment that showed the gravity of the war against the reapers. Given everything that's gone down in the Netflix show, the choice of using this particular song is nothing short of perfect - if we're being honest.

Another Redditor in the same thread noticed that episode 2 of the series also used a song from the new Spider-Man that came out from Insomniac's PlayStation 4 exclusive title.

For those just jumping into the Netflix series, "The first season sees lawyer-by-day Matt Murdock use his heightened senses from being blinded as a young boy to fight crime at night on the streets of New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood as Daredevil, while uncovering a conspiracy of the criminal underworld being led by Wilson Fisk.

In the second season, Murdock continues to balance life as a lawyer and Daredevil, while crossing paths with Frank Castle / Punisher, a vigilante with far deadlier methods, as well as the return of an ex-girlfriend—Elektra Natchios.

In the third season, after Fisk is released from prison, Murdock, who has been missing for months following the events of The Defenders, reemerges a broken man and must decide between hiding from the world as a lawyer, or embracing his life as a hero vigilante."

What other neat video game nods have you noticed in the Netflix show? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and tell what you think of Marvel's Daredevil!