Dark and Darker Reveals New Update With Patch Notes

Dark and Darker's latest update includes several minor fixes for the hit fantasy adventure.

While many Dark and Darker players are waiting for the upcoming beta test for the mobile version of the game, the developers at Ironmace continue to release new updates for the PC version. Remember, Dark and Darker is still in early access, which means the developers are consistently adding new updates. The latest hotfix for Dark and Darker went live recently, introducing several new bug fixes for the hit PvEvP fantasy game. Most of these are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn't mean they aren't important fixes.

The new Dark and Darker hotfix includes an update to spell scaling. Now, spells like Lightning Strike and Holy Strike should appropriately scale with your attributes. Ironmace has also given a slight buff to Rangers and Rogues, making them slightly more effective against characters using full plate mail. That's, of course, only the tip of the iceberg for what is a relatively substantial update in regards to how many things were changed in the hotfix.

Below, you'll find the full patch notes for Hotfix #54. Dark and Darker is available now on PC, and is coming to mobile relatively soon.

Dark and Darker Hotfix #54 Patch Notes


Hello Adventurers,

The recent hotfix addresses minor bugs and improvements to stability. We fixed issues with several spells not scaling properly with the attributes. We have made some minor balance changes to slightly improve the Ranger and Rogue's effectiveness using certain builds against full plate without making a big impact against the squishier classes. We've also addressed some oversights with the AP system where the treasure score was not removed as previously promised, and a bug where PvP adventure points were not properly calculated. We are still working on the improved matchmaking system which we hope to roll out soon. In the meantime, we have decided to open up VoIP in the basecamp as a test for it's upcoming removal and conversion to a more social area. Thanks and see you in the dungeons!


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a server crash when a druid escapes the game while transforming into an animal.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage of Lightning Strike, Holy Strike, and Dream Fire did not scale properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Thorn Barrier rendering was not displayed properly.
  • Fixed a performance issue with the Ceremonial Staff's cloth simulation.
  • Fixed an issue where new Druid equipment items were not dropped from monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ant Nest module's Shirine of Health could be used twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the rope sound in the Goblin Cave was muffled.
  • Fixed an issue where 'Loyal Court Wizard' quest mission 'Dark Ritual Room A' could not be cleared because it did not exist.
  • Fixed an issue where player kills and AP were not being calculated properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the selected dungeon on the world map was not highlighted in yellow.
  • Fixed an issue where the recipes for Protection Potion and Magic Protection Potion were set incorrectly.
  • Barbarian's Rage movement speed bonus has been changed from 12% → 9%.
  • Barbarian's Savage Roar's physical damage penalty has been changed from -40% → -30%.
  • Warlocks can now use weapons when transformed into demons due to the Bloodpact.
  • Warlock's Blood Pact loss of health per second has been changed from -1% → -1.5% per second.
  • Warlock's Dark Offering cooldown time has been changed from 60s → 28s.
  • Warlock's Life Drain attribute ratio bonus has been changed from 50% → 100%.
  • Druid takes a -100% penalty to PDR and MDR while transforms into Rat form.
  • Druid's Thorn Barrier duration has been changed from 10s → 8s.
  • Improved the Armor Penetration for Bows, Crossbows, and Piercing Daggers.
  • - Windlass Crossbow 25% → 40%
  • - Crossbow 20% → 30%
  • - Longbow 5% → 20%
  • - Recurve 0% → 10%
  • - Survival 0% → 5%
  • - Rondel Dagger 0% → 10%
  • - Stiletto Dagger 0% → 10%
  • Campfire has been added to the Squire's supply items.
  • Healing items have been added as starting items for most classes.
  • Clarity Potions can now be crafted. New clarity potions increase the memory recovery rate when resting.
  • Treasures no longer give Adventure Points.
  • 'The Secrets Of Gold' quest now requires 2 Gold Ingots instead of 6 Gold Ores.
  • Rat sounds have been removed from the environmental sounds.
  • The visibility of escapes on the minimap has been improved.
  • VoIP has been enabled in the basecamp.