The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Gets Teaser Trailer and Release Window

In 2015, Supermassive Games released Until Dawn, a delightful survival horror game that [...]

In 2015, Supermassive Games released Until Dawn, a delightful survival horror game that essentially tasked players with making the kind of decisions typically found in a horror movie. The experiment was a critical and commercial success, which has led to the creation of The Dark Pictures Anthology series. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is the second installment in the series. Little Hope has no connection to the previous installment, Man of Medan, but it does feature tonal similarities and similar gameplay. Today, Supermassive Games debuted a small teaser for the upcoming game, and a release window: the game is set to arrive sometime this summer!

After seeing streams where multiple players enjoyed the scares in Until Dawn together, Supermassive Games decided to make multiplayer a key part of the experience in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Players can experience the games solo, play two-player online, or offline with up to five other players. That gameplay addition is reflected in the teaser for Little Hope. Rather than releasing a full trailer, publisher Bandai Namco has released a new cut of the Man of Medan trailer, as we see multiple streamers reacting to events in the previous game. The goal is to highlight the scares in the series, and show off the unique approach to multiplayer. However, the end of the teaser does offer a brief snippet from Little Hope, around the 30 second mark.

The teaser really does go a long way towards showing how streaming has changed the face of gaming. The fact is, if not for streams of Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology could have been much different, or not existed at all. Bringing streamers in to build hype for the next game is a very smart way to market the game to a bigger audience.

Unfortunately, the teaser doesn't give players much information on the upcoming game. Little Hope follows four college students and their professor, as they find themselves chased through a fog-covered, abandoned town. It certainly sounds like a fitting addition to the trilogy, but players can judge for themselves later this year!

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