Castle of Heart, an Indie Hack n' Slash Action Platformer, Headed to Nintendo Switch

This week, polish game studio 7LEVELS announced that Castle of Heart will officially be headed to [...]

(Photo: 7Levels)

This week, polish game studio 7LEVELS announced that Castle of Heart will officially be headed to Nintendo Switch in Q1 of 2018. With a very Dark Souls-like visual design and plenty of hack n' slash game play, the Switch-exclusive indie looks like a ton of fun. A new trailer was released to give players an idea of what to expect, and, well, it looks like a lot:

Castle of Heart puts players in the rather heavy shoes of a Knight who has been cursed to turn to stone. In addition to the mystical elements of the game, real life locations around Europe were used as inspiration for the massive world. The character is out to conquer the curse with love and compassion, but things get a little complicated, according to the official summary:

The brave hero must travel all the way from the petrified village to the dark ruler's castle, mastering 20 levels set in 4 distinct environments – full of enemies who require different strategies to face them successfully and sudden gameplay changes, which translate to exciting, dynamic action sequences. The selection of progressively more powerful additional weapons, from flaming grenades to powerful magical arsenal, as well as power-ups, will help him in his quest. But remember – the body of stone has its limits! It disintegrates permanently as the knight loses the energy, which he can supply only by defeating his enemies, and if the process reaches the critical level, he may lose one of his arms and the ability to wield additional weapons with it.

Here are some of the game's various features that will be available upon release:

  • A unique main character: a knight turned into stone who needs to keep fighting to avoid disintegrating
  • 20 completely different levels in 4 beautiful environments loosely inspired by real-life locations
  • Roughly 50 types of both short- and long-range weapons, allowing each gamer to find their own, individual combat style
  • HD Rumble support, further increasing players immersion
  • At least 7 hours of addictive, exciting game play
  • Epic boss fights at the end of every location
  • Breathtaking graphic design
  • Numerous power-ups that enrich the game play

will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch this Spring.

Source: Develop