Dave the Diver Gets Free Godzilla DLC, New Patch Notes

Dave the Diver can get free Godzilla DLC for a limited time.

Dave the Diver quickly became one of the hit indies of 2023 when it launched last year. While the developers at Mintrocket have been sharing details about their next projects, they aren't ready to leave Dave behind completely. In fact, the team has recently released a brand-new Godzilla DLC that players can download for free. However, it'll only be available for a limited time because Mintrocket's taking the Dave the Diver DLC away on November 23rd. You'll still be able to play the DLC if you've downloaded it after that date, but you'll want to pick it up quickly before it goes away.

The Godzilla DLC includes three new missions to tackle once you wrap up Chapter 5. There are also new dishes to explore and Godzilla figures to collect. However, it's important to note that the update also comes with several new changes to the base game. For example, you'll now be able to use more keybinds on your mouse if you have one that supports the feature and the team has altered the icon design for staff in the Sushi Restaurant to make it easier to tell what they're doing at a glance.

Below, you'll find the full patch notes for the Godzilla update. Dave the Diver is available now on PlayStation, Switch, and PC platforms.

Dave the Diver x Godzilla Patch Notes

(Photo: Mintrocket)


New Missions

  • 3 new Godzilla DLC-exclusive missions have been added that will be available after the end of Chapter 5

New Dishes

  • Discover new dishes inspired by Godzilla and Ebirah

Sea Exploration

  • Collect Godzilla figures scattered through the ocean

System Improvements


  • Updated the version number display to only be shown on the title and settings screen instead of being displayed constantly


  • Controller vibration was added to some cutscenes
  • Added function in "Keybind" to assign keys to mouse buttons 4 and 5

Sushi Restaurant

  • Improved the icon design for staff currently "Dispatching" to be more intuitive


  • Improved system to update missing achievements according to the game's progress
    • 'Ration Eater', 'Dev Killer' achievements will be updated starting with this update

Other improvements

  • Corrected the display of stars showing up in the dark part of the crescent moon
  • Improved the design of some DLC icons displayed in the "Load" screen

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the game would not load properly after choosing "Give up and return" during the battle against the Wolf Eel
  • [Chapter 4]Fixed an issue withJohn Watson (2nd round) where Dave's headlight would turn off during battle


  • Fixed an issue with progressing through some missions during chapter 7
  • Fixed an issue where progression was unavailable if the Tuna Tutorial and the task 'Call Duff' from the 'Duff's Pink Delivery' mission were overlapped
  • Fixed an issue where, in specific situations, the task did not move on to 'Ask Bancho to Cook a Dish' during the "Treat Ramo" mission
  • [Chapter 4]Fixed an issue that occurred in certain circumstances during the puzzle mission in theAbandoned Cave
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons and items spawned on the map would disappear after visiting a different area
  • Fixed an issue where the quantity of roes obtained from a dive and the quantity of roes in the Fish Farm were displayed differently
  • Fixed the issue where the Moray Eel's tail would be visible in unnatural situations
  • Fixed an issue where fish would sometimes spawn in awkward spots
  • Improved the animation of opened weapon/oxygen chests disappearing
  • Fixed an issue where Seahorse Skewers were unavailable at the Branch
  • Fixed an issue where Branch Managers weren't working efficiently in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue that prevented interaction with Otto at the Sushi Restaurant if certain missions were overlapped
  • Fixed an issue where speech bubbles were displayed incorrectly after customers left in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the dispatch result popup would appear during tutorials

Smartphone Apps

  • Fixed an issue with the Management App where the ingredients stock was displayed incorrectly in certain circumstances


  • Fixed an issue where some interaction options of NPC's could not be clicked on with the mouse
  • Improved typos and awkward translations for some languages