DC Legends Reveals New Characters and Limited Time New Year's Events

DC Legends players are getting a super update, with multiple new characters and events to bring inthe New Year! This morning WB revealed that Power Girl and Superboy (Jon Kent) will be joining the DC Legends roster, each with an impressive set of powers and state to help you crush Nekron and his legion of Manhunters.

DC Legends is totally free to play, so you can expect to put in a little bit of work to unlock these characters. Power Girl you'll be able to unlock by completing some exclusive in-game events and unlocking unique fragments. The "Adventures of Super-Sitting" event will run from January 6 to the 16th, and then the "My Cousin Kara" event runs January 20-30. You'll need to complete these events in order to unlock your new hero. Superboy unfortunately, will have to be purchased.

We'll skip over the stats (you can look them up here), but here are each of your new heroes' respective super powers:

Power Girl:

  • Power Punch: Damage to an enemy, gain +2 Strength Ups. Legendary: 40% Chance to strike twice.
  • Solar Charge: Gain Taunt, +5 Str Ups, +20% Turn Meter. Legendary: Start battle with Taunt and Death Immunity.

  • Zor-L-Slam: Damage all Enemies, Ignore Shields. Legendary: +30% Damage if Powergirl has 5+ Strength Ups.

  • You’re Dealing with Me!: If Power Girl takes Damage, Gain 25% Turn Meter, +1 Strength Up. Legendary: Also 40% Chance to use Power Punch on Attacker if Power Girl has 4+ Strength Ups.

  • Earth-2 Survivor: At beginning of each enemy turn, 65% chance to gain Death Immunity if Power Girl has 4+ Strength Ups. Legendary: Equal Chance to Gain 20% Overheal.


  • Super Slam: Light Damage to an enemy, if Superboy has True Sight, Purge 2 Immunity, 2 Invisibilty, and 2 Taunt. Legendary: 30% Chance to Stun if Superboy has True Sight.

  • Heat-Vision Burst: Special Damage to an enemy. Gain 3 True Sights. Legendary: Purge 2 to 5 Buffs

  • Frost Breath: Apply Stun. 20% chance for extra Stun duration. Legendary: 50% chance to use Super Slam on random target. 25% chance for a second Super Slam.

  • Emerging Super-Senses: At start of turn, 80% Chance to gain True Sight. Legendary: If already has True Sight, also 40% chance to gain Damage Immunity.

  • Natural Hero Instincts: At the end of each ally’s turn, gain 8% Turn Meter Up if any hero has Taunt or Invisibility. Legendary: Apply Turn Meter Up +5% to random ally.

If you haven't played DC Legends in a while, now would be the time to download it and jump back in!