Dead by Daylight Players Have One Last Chance to Collect Some Anniversary Rewards

If you’ve been playing Dead by Daylight throughout the past month or so, you’ve likely been [...]

If you've been playing Dead by Daylight throughout the past month or so, you've likely been inundated by offer after offer for free Bloodpoints, cosmetics, and other incentives given away as part of the game's fifth anniversary event. Those bonuses have been given away via codes available to anyone with the catch being that the codes do have expiration dates. Some of those expire at the end of the month which means that players have just a couple more hours to redeem their offers for several bonuses.

Dead by Daylight creators Behaviour Interactive reminded players of the codes that are soon to expire to give everyone one last chance to get what's on the table. For this series of codes, that means getting some cosmetic rewards for David King and The Trapper to make sure that both the Survivors and the Killers have something to look forward to. Codes for two different charms are also available as well.

The "BETTERTHANONE," "GOLDENBROS," and "AUSOME" codes combined will get players a total of six different cosmetic items – three of them are for David King while three are for The Wraith. By inputting the "PIECEOFCAKE" code, you'll get two different charms to commemorate the game's anniversary.

While you're redeeming your last-minute codes, you can take part in the ongoing Blood Hunt event that just recently got extended. During this event, players get double the Bloodpoints for their in-game actions, so from now until August 3rd, you'll get many more Bloodpoints regardless of if you're playing as a Killer or a Survivor.

Behaviour Interactive recently shared some stats on the most-played characters in Dead by Daylight that showed The Wraith topping the charts for the Killers, so expect to see plenty of people sporting the cosmetics for the Killer since these outfits are being given away for free. David King didn't make the top three for the list of most-played Survivors, but perhaps people will be more incentivized to play him for a while and show off their new looks.