Dead by Daylight Announces Binding of Kin Chapter Release Date in New Trailer

Dead by Daylight’s newest Chapter, A Binding of Kin, now has a release date. Behaviour Interactive shared a brief, ominous trailer on Friday to announce that the content will be releasing on December 1st for all those who want to purchase it. As we’ve seen from past reveals, the new Chapter will consist of a two-in-one Killer known as “The Twins” along with a Survivor named Élodie Rakoto who each have their own unique perks with the Killer able to use an innovative new power.

The short teaser for the release of A Binding of Kin can be seen below courtesy of the Dead by Daylight Twitter account. This trailer shows the hand of Victor, the character who makes up one half of The Twins alongside his sister, Charlotte. Following a preview of the creepy noises players will hear Victor make when he’s patrolling the map, the trailer confirmed that the new Chapter will launch on December 1st.

We already know all about the perks and powers offered by the new characters, and you’re one of the many Dead by Daylight players who has access to the test servers, you’ve been able to experience them firsthand before the Chapter’s release. For those who haven’t, you can check out some of the gameplay released by Behaviour Interactive to show how The Twins and Élodie Rakoto work.

It’s also worth noting that some things have already changed regarding how the new characters will play. An update on the game’s forums listed a couple of tentative changes happening at release and planned for the future. You can see those below, but keep in mind that it’s likely things will change in some way before everything’s available.

Release Changes

The Twins

  • Made the map-wide sound when Victor is released clearer.
  • After being attached to a Survivor for 45 seconds, Charlotte will see Victor’s aura and be able to recall him.
  • Sometimes a Survivor would keep Victor on their back to prevent the Killer from using their power. This way, there is a great risk to doing so and the Killer has the ability to forcefully regain their power after some time.
  • Replaced the Spinning Top add-on effect: This add-on will now cause Survivors to drop their items when pounced on by Victor.
  • Increased Victor’s movement speed while charging a pounce, and increased the amount of time it takes to reach this movement speed.
  • Due to the slow movement speed while pouncing, hitting a Survivor with Victor while they are around a small enough loop/object could be very difficult. These two changes while cause you to lose less distance while charging your pounce, making it easier to use in those situations.


  • Coup de Grace: Reduced the lunge increase from 60/80/100% to 40/50/60%.
  • The values for Coup de Grace on the PTB were higher than anticipated. We’ll be reducing them to a more reasonable level.

Future Changes

The Twins

  • Victor will be able to interact with lockers and hold a Survivor inside for a short amount of time. If Charlotte interacts with the locker in time, she will grab the Survivor. If the Survivor is not grabbed out of the locker in time, they will break free, killing Victor in the process.
  • During the PTB, Survivors realized that they can jump in a locker to avoid Victor since he is unable to search lockers. To prevent this, we’ll be giving Victor a unique interaction with lockers. This will take some animation work, however, so this will not be ready for the initial release.
  • Adding a delay to the Exit Gate blocker when a Survivor is downed with Victor on their back.
  • Currently, the Exit Gate blocker disappears immediately if a Survivor with Victor on their back is downed. This allows them to crawl out before Charlotte can finishing wiping her weapon. This delay ensures that the Survivor can be picked up before the blocker disappears.


  • Appraisal: The speed bonus no longer applies to unlocking a chest, only rummaging.
  • Appraisal: Each chest can only be rummaged once per Survivor.
  • This change prevents someone from rummaging the same chest multiple times, creating a large pile of items. We want to encourage people to move around the map and rummage different chests. The overall number of times you can rummage is unchanged.