Dead by Daylight Website Updated with Secret Codes

Dead by Daylight creators Behaviour Interactive recently refreshed the game's main artwork and teased that more "interesting things" would come to the game's website soon. As it turns out, those interesting things actually dealt with the website itself and not some big content reveal at least as far as anyone can tell right now. The website has been revamped and updated to provide a much better overview of the game and its various components for newcomers, but more interesting than that, the site now also hides some secret codes that players can redeem in-game.

Codes in Dead by Daylight are pretty common and typically award players with various gifts such as cosmetics and Bloodpoints, the latter being the in-game currency used to acquire things for Killers and Survivors from the Bloodwebs. Over on the Dead by Daylight Twitter account, the developers pointed players towards the newly renovated website and teased that there was a code hidden within that would give players some Bloodpoints.

Not long afterwards, another tweet indicated that there was a different code to be found in addition to the first one. Like the first, it gives players Bloodpoints.

If you want to play detective and find the codes yourself, you can head to the website now to search for them. They're pretty obvious when they're spotted since they're a string of capital letters all mashed together, so you'll know it when you see it.

If you don't want to hunt for codes and just want your Bloodpoints, the codes are "DBDWEBSITE" and "THISISACODE" both without the quotations around them. The first is found on the main page within the "Gameplay Gallery" section and is the title for the image showing The Clown stumped by Kate Denson's pallet. The second is a bit buried and is found by going to "Game" at the top navigation bar and then "Game Overview" where it sits in the center of the page under the "Killer Gameplay Basics" section.

Simply input them within the code redemption section of Dead by Daylight and you'll get 25,000 Bloodpoints for each one. The sum of 50,000 Bloodpoints isn't exactly a large amount for players who've been active in Dead by Daylight for a while now, but they're also totally free and require no effort on the players' parts, so there's little to complain about.

Perhaps we'll see more codes hidden within the site soon since we've already gotten more than one, but if not, you can look forward to extra Bloodpoints and more from future events since those kinds of bonuses seem to happen pretty often in Dead by Daylight.