Dead by Daylight Event Gives Players Easy Bloodpoints and Iridescent Shards

Dead by Daylight just recently got a new DLC with the release of the Sadako Rising Chapter, but that's far from the only thing the community's gotten. A big DLC sale (which naturally didn't include the newest release) as well as a free weekend were also announced last week, and this week, players are getting even more rewards with login bonuses given away each day until March 20th. Those bonuses are live now, so if you've already missed out on some, you've got a couple more days to claim them to make sure you at least come away with something of value.

Behaviour Interactive announced the start of these login rewards this week and encouraged players to make sure they're signing in at least once every day to claim the rewards. While past Dead by Daylight events have sometimes included rewards that differed depending on what day you decided to play, this event makes it easy by giving players the same awards each day: 70,000 Bloodpoints and 170 Iridescent Shards. The exception is the bonus for March 20th which is 170,000 Bloodpoints and 980 Iridescent Shards.

The good news is that the only thing you have to do to get these rewards is log into the game – that's it, no other catches. The bad news is that if you didn't start logging in on March 14th when the event started, you'll have already missed out on two days' worth of rewards. That still leaves from today until March 19th to claim the remainder, however, so you've still got plenty more Bloodpoints and Iridescent Shards coming your way so long as log in.

As pretty much all Dead by Daylight players will know by now, the Bloodpoints are used to purchase different Offerings, items and other resources via the Bloodweb. Iridescent Shards, however, are a bit more varied and valuable in their purposes. They can be used to purchase whatever perks are in the Shrine of Secrets for the week, and they can also be used to purchase original Killers and Survivors from the store. Those characters cost a lot more than 170 Iridescent Shards, however, so while you won't be buying anything outright from this event, but it'll at least put you on the right path or help close the gap to a perk or a character.

Dead by Daylight's Bloodpoint and Iridescent Shard event is live from now until March 19th.