Dead by Daylight Free Weekend Announced During Huge DLC Sale

Dead by Daylight fans who either have the game now or want to play on another platform have a lot to look forward to this week with developer Behaviour Interactive announcing not only a free weekend but also a sizable DLC sale. The free weekend is live across all platforms the game's available on and lasts until March 14th, Behaviour said, with the DLC sale going on just a bit longer than that to give people time to pick up what they want. All this comes just after the release of the Sadako Rising Chapter, so it's been a busy week for Dead by Daylight with more to look forward to this weekend.

The free weekend period is pretty self-explanatory since this isn't the first time Dead by Daylight has had one of these either. Whether it's on the Xbox or PlayStation consoles, the PC via Steam, or the Google Stadia platform, you can try out Dead by Daylight for free. Though Dead by Daylight is also on the Nintendo Switch, there's no mention there of a free weekend for that platform.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game has been included in the sale, however, alongside the other platforms. The base game is on sale, though if you're playing on one of the Xbox systems, keep in mind that the game is also available through Xbox Game Pass.

For those who already have Dead by Daylight on one or two platforms, you'll no doubt have seen plenty of DLC Killers and Survivors running around. You can expand your own roster by purchasing DLC at a discount, though not everything is on sale. You should check out your respective platforms to see what's priced at what during the sale, but there's most likely something discounted that you'd be interested in given that both original and licensed DLCs are included. The DLC prices only go down to 50% off their normal prices at the most, but Dead by Daylight DLCs don't cost much anyway, so it's still not a bad deal.

Dead by Daylight's free weekend and the DLC sales are all live now across the game's available platforms.