New Dead by Daylight Features Are Exclusive to Google Stadia

Dead by Daylight is coming to Google Stadia, developer Behaviour Interactive and Google announced this week, and it’s bringing with it two exclusive features that won’t be found anywhere else. The first of those is called “Crowd Choice” and allows the community to vote on who a YouTuber playing the game should play as. Another feature called “Crowd Play” will allow users to hop right into the game in a trial experience with the press of a button, Google said. These features will ship with the game on Google Stadia when Dead by Daylight releases for the platform in September 2020.

The Dead by Daylight trailer released alongside the announcement showed off a number of characters featured in the multiplayer game like Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill games who most recently joined the game. It also showed the Google Stadia features in action as viewers chose first between the Killer or Survivor roles for the player to pick. After the Killer’s side was chosen, additional votes determined that the player would choose the Oni Killer.

It also teased the opportunity to play with your favorite streamers presumably through the Crowd Play feature mentioned previously that’ll put you right into the game. That sort of feature is one Google Stadia has promoted in some fashion for numerous games in its catalog since the service first launched.

Dead by Daylight on Stadia will also allow streamers to invite their community to join in on a trial with a touch of a button,” Behaviour Interactive said about the trial feature. “This feature called Crowd Play is the key to boosting the audience’s active engagement.”

Dead by Daylight does not currently have trial options available widely across different platforms, so that would indeed be a unique opportunity for Stadia users to try if they haven’t played the game before.


The first of those features, the Crowd Choice, has more or less been around for a while with Dead by Daylight streamers and is now official in Google Stadia. People who stream the game on Twitch and YouTube often advertise that they’ll let viewers influence who they play as by taking suggestions and occasionally to gauntlets of playing through the entire roster to change things up.

Dead by Daylight on the Google Stadia platform does not currently have a release date other than a September 2020 window.

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