Dead by Daylight Reveals New Skins Created by the Community

Dead by Daylight creators Behaviour Interactive announced earlier in the year the return of the community event that tasked players with designing their own skins and charms for the game. Four different categories made up the event – a Survivor skin, a Survivor charm, a Killer skin, and a Killer charm – with the winners getting their cosmetic creations actually put into the game. This week, Behaviour revealed the winners of that contest with a preview of four new cosmetics that'll be in the game later on.

Those four cosmetics can be seen below courtesy of the Dead by Daylight Twitter account after it announced the winners. From left to right, we have the "Fallen Angel skin for The Artist from AspriinDbd, the "Midnight Techwear" skin for Yui from Aiphelix, the "Have You Seen This Horse?" Killer charm from PotatoGun13, and the "BP Gummies" Survivor charm from Maomi (Maomi's socials could not be confirmed).

For those who didn't win or those who didn't enter at all and just wanted to see what others came up with, you're in luck if you like the looks of these skins and charms. As Behaviour confirmed in the tweet, these will be free for all players who earn them through one of the game's upcoming Rifts. All you'll have to do is complete the tasks within and you'll have these four cosmetics added to your account.

This community contest is just the latest of several different types of events we've seen from Behaviour that focused to some degree on community involvement. Another example of those is the quiz which was conducted over the weekend that gave players the shot at earning a million Bloodpoints. We don't yet know who the winners are, the given that it was a drawing, there's a chance you won't win even if you got a perfect score, but the community was quick to help other players with the correct answers to ensure as many people as possible had a shot at winning.


Behaviour hasn't yet confirmed the release dates for these new skins, so look for those to arrive later in a future Rift.