Dead by Daylight Creators Reveal Meet Your Maker

Dead by Daylight creator Behaviour Interactive announced a new game called Meet Your Maker during its first ever Behaviour Beyond event. The game that's much different from the asymmetrical horror title the studio is best known for features player-created content where people build their own trap-riddled outposts meant to stump and obstruct players. The flip side of that is the raiding element where players take on these outposts and attempt to outwit the creators and conquer a build in exchange for rewards. It's planned for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms, and it's supposed to be out in 2023 with a technical preview of the game scheduled to take place this month.

The story of the game centers around a hunt for the valuable resource of pure genetic material known as "Genmat" in Meet Your Maker. Every player-created outpost has Genmat inside at a finish line protected by various blocks, traps, AI guards, and the ingenuity of whoever created the outpost. The goal for the builders is to create an outpost that'll challenge raiders with rewards earned from those who failed to complete it while the raiders have to get the Genmat and get out.

During a preview event for Meet Your Maker, it looked loosely like what might happened if you crossed over the community focus of something like Super Mario Maker with aesthetics of a Mad Max world. The maze-like outposts shown off were claustrophobic and encouraged raiders to move carefully lest they fall victim to traps like invisible hazards, fiery pillars that can smash players into walls, and guards that'll eliminate a raider with one hit. Different loadout options provided players with various options regarding how to approach hazards, and given that raids can be done either solo or with a friend in co-op, there appeared to be plenty of solutions for navigating these player-created funhouses.

For the creators who are already thinking up ways to thwart others, the game seemed to have a robust toolbox of options including the different guard types, blocks, and traps as well as augmentations applicable to them all. Certain rules like maintaining an unobstructed path to the Genmat (save for the traps along the way) ensure that builds are fair. A creative replay system allows you to watch raiders' runs through your outpost from their perspective so that you can see what worked and what needs improving.

Based on what Behaviour said about the game, it appears the idea is that players would create their own outpost, put it online, and go raid others' outposts to earn rewards from people taking on your creation while you earn rewards from conquering other outposts. Outposts can be searched for online via different metrics, and players can award them different tags and accolades to help narrow down searches if you're looking for a particular type of challenge.


Meet Your Maker does not yet have a release date beyond some time in 2023 but is scheduled to kick off a test run this month on August 23rd.