Dead by Daylight Mobile Players Get Free Rewards After Reaching First Milestone

Dead by Daylight Mobile’s release is approaching this month with players already securing some free in-game items for themselves by achieving the first milestone of pre-registrations ahead of that April 16th release date. The first milestone for the pre-registration rewards called for at least 500,000 people to sign up for the mobile game, a goal which was reached earlier in the week. Rewards that make up this first milestone include some cosmetics for characters like The Scarecrow outfit for The Hillbilly and some Iridescent Shards that players can use for in-game purchases, but there are still two more pre-registration milestones to reach.

Behaviour Interactive, the creators of Dead by Daylight and the game’s mobile port, announced this week that players had reached the first pre-registration milestone after amassing over 500,000 signups. The Dead by Daylight Mobile site that’s been keeping players updated on the news around the port reflects that achieved goal with a check mark on the first milestone.

The rewards below will now be awarded to Dead by Daylight Mobile players upon the game’s release.

500,000 Pre-Registrations Milestone Rewards

  • 2,000 Iridescent Shards
  • Weekend T-Shirt | Surf Tone
  • Hooded Training Top
  • Two-tone Coat
  • The Scarecrow

Dead by Daylight has several types of currencies for players to amass with Iridescent Shards being one of the most valuable ones to acquire. These will allow players to purchase characters in Dead by Daylight Mobile that they wouldn’t normally have unlocked, so if there’s someone you main from the base Dead by Daylight game and you want to play as them in the mobile version, you’ll need these shards to round out your roster.

d this first milestone are two more that include more rewards. The highest goal is to his 1 million pre-registrations which means players would have enough Iridescent Shards to purchase a character of their choosing in the mobile port. With fewer than two weeks to go until the mobile game’s release, it’s hard to say if players will be able to reach that number in time, but Behaviour Interactive is encouraging Dead by Daylight’s core players to help out with the pre-registrations by offering them some rewards as well if they push the number to 1 million.

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