New Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil DLC Characters Revealed

Behaviour Interactive revealed the first details on Dead by Daylight's new Resident Evil DLC codenamed "Project W" this week by confirming the iconic characters that'll be added to the multiplayer game. Just as players speculated after the name of the DLC was revealed back in May, Albert Wesker will be the new Killer added whenever this new Chapter releases. Opposing Wesker on the side of the Survivors are Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong. Perks for the character's and Wesker's ability have not yet been defined, but those are expected to be detailed soon as the Chapter heads to the test servers for players to try it out.

Project W always indicated that Wesker would be the Killer candidate for this Chapter, but leaks just prior to the reveal shared a more pointed look at the content and Behaviour's plans for it. This Project W DLC marks the first time that the game has revisited a licensed property for a second Chapter, so the Resident Evil representation in Dead by Daylight exceeds any other licensed franchise that's made an appearance. With the addition of these three characters, we now have Nemesis, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker (the traditional version of Wesker from the games, not the one seen most recently in the new Resident Evil TV show).

For those who love Resident Evil and were eagerly awaiting the new DLC reveal, the deal could get even better knowing how the previous Resident Evil Chapter was handled. Skins were released for Survivors to add the Redfields to the game, so the same could theoretically be done with Ada and Rebecca to add more characters to the game.

During the Behaviour Beyond event where the DLC was previewed, some of Wesker's powers and the perks of the characters were discussed. Wesker will have the ability to rush at and charge into Survivors and will have an infection-type move befitting the themes of Resident Evil. The Raccoon City Police Department map will also be getting a quality of life update, though there's no brand new map releasing with this Chapter.


A release date for Project W has not yet been announced, but expect that to be shared soon after the Chapter hits the PTB.