Dead by Daylight's New Resident Evil Characters May Have Leaked

Dead by Daylight has been a leaky game amid its past couple of reveals, and if some recent rumors spotted online are anything to go off of, we may already know about the new Killers and Survivors planned for the game's next Resident Evil Chapter. That Chapter is of course the one known right now as "Project W" and is expected to bring Albert Wesker to the game given its name. We'll see more about this Chapter soon during Behaviour Interactive's upcoming event, however, so we won't have to speculate about these leaks for much longer.

The leaks in question were shared online by Twitter user LeaksDbd with several images supposedly showing off assets for different Killers, Survivors, and perks. According to these leaks, the next characters to join the game will be Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers.

But it wasn't just character assets that leaked this week. On top of that, the same user shared a number of different indications as to what might be in store for this next Chapter including text descriptions of perks and abilities as well as audio files. Based on these details which may or may not be true, Wesker appears to play off of the infection-style gameplay Nemesis boasts in Dead by Daylight. His ability descriptions highlight his superhuman qualities and physical superiority seen in the games, though unlike Nemesis, there's no mention of any AI hazards like zombies associated with his kit.

The Dead by Daylight leaker said the perks for the Survivors weren't finalized and couldn't be shared yet, but the Killers are often what players are most interested in when they're added given how their unique abilities affect the game, so that part is at least out of the way, assuming these leaks are accurate at all.

While some Resident Evil fans may be disappointed to see that their favorites aren't being added if these leaks turn out to be true, there's still reason to believe we could see other Resident Evil characters added to the game on the side of the Survivors. A previous DLC release, for example, added skins that turned Jill Valentine into Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy into Chris Redfield. Assuming the same can happen for whoever is included in this next DLC release, we may end up with more Resident Evil characters than initially expected if not at release then later on.